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Amazing birth facts

Marja Różanska (~1870-1945), wife of Adam Mierzejewski (1866-1935), had twelve children over a period of 22 years. The family lived most of their lives in New Britain, CT.

Josephine (Jozefa?) Serwecka Mierzejewska (1902-1976) of Worcester, MA, had ten children over a period of 29 years, from age 19 to 47.

Sophie Stefania Dykowski Mierzejewski (1891-1953) of PA and OH had nine children.

Weronika Kuklinska Mierzejewska (1833-?) of Stawiski had nine children.

In Wielgouchy in 1812 Małgorzata Mierzejewska was born and the age of her father, Marcin Mierzejewski, was recorded as 75. Her mother was 37.

In 1923 Ignacy Mierzejewski (1855-1930) of Tomasze became a father at age 68.

In 1924 in Gardner, MA, Stanisław Mierzejewski (1860-1943) became a father at age 64.

Our dark side [arranged by date]:

According to author Jan Gross, in Jedwabne on 10 July 1941 Czeslaw Mierzejewski raped and murdered his neighbor, Judes Ibram.

In 1943 in Toledo, OH, Leonard Mierzejewski, 62, born in Poland, husband and father of two, committed suicide.

In Bridgeport, CT, in 1955, Veronica Mierzejewski Vatart (1922-1972) attempted suicide after drowning her two daughters in the family bathtub. The girls were aged 3 1/2 years, and four months.

On 6 March 1982 in Pittsfield, MA, Melinda Jansen Daniels, 33, daughter of a Mierzejewski, committed suicide after killing her two children, Dale, 9, and Lisa, 5. All died of gunshot wounds.

In 1998 Andrew J. Mierzejewski, 21, of Toledo, Ohio, was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison after being convicted of complicity of murder in the shooting death of John Barnhart and complicity to commit attemped murder in the shooting of Matt Cherry in 1997.


Victims of vehicular accidents (by date).

In mid November of 1923 Helen Szepanski-Mierzejewski, 20, of Reading, PA, died shortly after a car accident in Detroit, MI. Her husband William, the driver, escaped unhurt.

On 3 June 1928 Jadwiga Mierzejewski, 12, of Pittsfield, MA, was killed after being struck by a car, EM2-P-36, Her brother Harry was killed in WW II.

On 29 Sept. 1935 Frank (Franciszek) Mierzejewski, 49, of Bridgeport, CT, died of internal injuries and multiple fractures after being hit by a car while walking the night before.

16 May 1948, Benjamin Mierzejewski, 55, of Meriden, CT, was involved in a car-bus accident that killed him and injured 24 others.

Hamtramck, MI, residents Stanley Mierzejewski, 56, and his wife Rose Ptak, 52, were both killed in Ishpeming, MI, on 8 Sept. 1979, in an accident that claimed four lives.

14 July 1984, Edward J. Miezejeski, 35, of Ariel, WA, died as a result of a motorcycle accident. The Stanley mentioned below was his first cousin).

Off duty policeman Dale A. Mierzejewski, 26, of Newburg Heights, OH, and his fellow officer and friend Gary Kolakowski, 34, were killed in a car accident in Cuyahoga Heights, OH, on 24 October 1987. The driver of the car, police Capt. Richard Brink, was sentenced to 1 to 5 years in jail.

Stanley Miezejeski, Jr., 35, of Westbrook, CT, died 13 July 1990 as a result of a bicycle accident.

23 Sept. 1993, Chad Mierzejewski, 16, of Howard, OH, died as a result of a truck/car accident.

15 Feb. 1996, Tadeusz Mierzejewski, 43, Public Prosecutor of Woj. Ostroleka, was killed in a car accident in Laskowiec, near Rzekun. He left a wife and two children.

13 Sept. 1997, David S. (Brooks) Mierzejewski, 32, of West Virginia, was killed in an accident in Hokkaido, Japan.

Marek Mierzejewski of Wolomin was killed in a motorcycle accident (no details available at this time).

29 August 2001, Marek Mierzejewski, 51, of Łódź, co - owner of PROCHITEC Co. Ltd., was killed in a car accident in Siewierz near Zawiercie. He left a wife Daria and four children: Dominic, Mary, Bernadetta and Elisabeth.


More Stories

Here are a few more stories, in no particular order, the most recent additions are at the bottom.

1. Eugeniusz Mierzejewski of Nogawki was among those soldiers of the Polish Army who hung a white and red Polish flag in Tiergarten (Berlin) on the Prussian Column of Victory 2 May 1945.....Franciszek Frank Baker Mierzejewski (1865-1919) of Syracuse, NY, told his family he was of szlachta and came to the USA with a sabre in his suitcase. Evidently the szlachta wore their sabers/swords at all times while outdoors.....John F. Mierz Mierzejewski (1919-2000) of Michigan and Washington was involved in the development of the Stealth bomber and had his photo taken with President Reagan in the Oval Office of the White House.....Wawrzyniec Mierzejewski is one of the few (only sixteen) honorary members of the Polish Forest Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Lesne), which dates back to 1882.....Mariusz Mierzejewski of Ostroleka, 25, attended the 1999 Country Piknik in Mragowo and got separated from his friends. His body was found a month later in nearby Lake Czos by a fisherman. Mariusz had his bathing suit on and it appears he drowned, but no one knows for sure.

2. Piotr Mierzejewski is the Director of Administration of Pharmaceutical Materials and Medical Supplies of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland.....Hanna Mierzejewska of Warszawa (1950-) was elected deputy of the Polish Sejm (Lower House of Parliament) in Sept. 2001...At The White House on 26 June 1992, Catherine Mierzejewski Mlynarczyk of Pittsfield, MA, National Dance Director of The Polish Falcons, was one of numerous invited guests to meet President George Bush on the occasion of the return of Ignacy Paderewski's body to Poland.....Florian Mierzejewski (1925-) brought sick children from Chernobyl (Chornobyl, Ukraine) to Poland for medical treatment.....Polish TV reported that a Michał Mierzejewski was on the 80th floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings during the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack. He ran down to the street and survived.....Journalist Marcin Mierzejewski of the Warsaw Voice is among the first to hear of late-breaking news affecting Poland.

3. Poland's oldest banner (flag) company is M. M. plus M. of Warsaw. It's been in business since 1948 and is owned by Mierzejewskis...Among the original performers of the singing and dancing group 'Mazowszie' in 1950 were brother and sister Jerzy and Jadwiga Mierzejewski of Poreba, gm. Branszczyk. Combined, they danced professionally for 52 years. Jerzy's two sons, Marcin M. and Krystian M. are still with the group.....Sister Mariola Mierzejewska is in charge of the Orphanage in Kasisi, Zambia. It is located about 30 km east of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. It was opened in 1926 by Polish priests and is the largest orphanage in Zambia....From the Ostrołęka area are two sets of Mierzejewski twins named Peter and Paul. One set was born in 1960, the other about 1976.

4. Marianna Mierzejewska, nee Olbrys, of Udzyn, gm. Branszczyk, celebrated her 101st birthday 23 Nov. 2000. Her husband was Wladyslaw M. (1912-1979). She has three children, 13 grandchildren, and 24 great- grandchildren.....In 1997 Benjamin Mierzejewski of Connecticut won the 'Kitty Cole Human Rights Award' of the American Counseling Association.....Alongside a road in Wojsze is a religious monument dated 1820 built by the parents of Walenty Mierzejewski after his return to good health after a serious illness....Of the16 great-grandchildren of Victor Mierzejewski (1905-1969) and Catherine Pyrzanowski (1907-1995) of Pittsfield, MA, three are triplets and two are twins.....In November 2000 at the Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw, artist Jerzy Mierzejewski (1917-) of Lodz, displayed 15 paintings.

5. In Aug. 1997 in Repki a wild fox chewed off a teat of a cow of Jan Mierzejewski. Jan tried to get compensation from the authorities but nothing could be done. There was also the (unsubstantiated) concern of rabies.....In 1996 Andrzej Pastwa, a career criminal who spent 15 years in Polish prisons, claimed that a Mierzejewski of the Polish Government, on behalf of Lech Walesa, wanted to hire Pastwa to murder (the now President) Aleksander Kwasniewski.....In June of 1996 as a publicity stunt for the film 'Batman Forever', Maciej Mierzejewski of the Warsaw Mountain Climbing Club, dressed like Batman, lowered himself on a line down the 350-foot facade of the Palace of Culture.....In Aug. 1988 Chester Mierzejewski of Cheshire, CT, disputed Vice President George Bush's account of being shot down while flying over the Pacific Ocean in Sept. 1944. Both were US Navy Airmen.

6. In the 1909 Russian Army draft records of Ostrołęka District are ten Mierzejewskis. By 1909 six of the ten (60%) had already gone to the USA. The draft age was 21.....In Damiety on 6 Feb 1954 both Wladyslaw Mierzejewski, 78, and his wife Anna Struniawska, 68, died of natural causes only a few hours apart.....On 12 December 2001, Jacek “Lockjaw” Mierzejewski was killed in an avalanche in the Karkonosze Mountains near Jelenia Góra.

7. GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY! Residents of Ostrołęka province have been witnessing a surge in house robbery. The victims, mostly elderly retired people leading solitary existence, keep their money at home for it is a long way to the bank and they neither have means nor are in good health to go there. These people are helpless, too weak to defend themselves, have no phones to call for help, and therefore provide a good opportunity for robbers to get away freely.

Aleksandra and Jozef Mierzejewscy from Janki Mlode (Czerwin commune) were robbed on the night of 2nd September 2001. Their house lies on the outskirts of the village. They were just going to bed when three masked men broke into their house by breaking the window pane. The neighbours who noticed that the gate in Mierzejewscy’s house was open, were too scared to go in there and see what was happening. 83-year old Jozef could show no resistance. While one of the robbers was beating his wife, the other was pointing a gun at him and shouting for money. Jozef and Aleksandra had been putting some money aside to buy coal. This was all they had. This was what the robbers took away. Times being what they are in Poland, even a small loot is good. What happened left the elderly couple devoid of self-confidence and uncertain. Aleksandra spends evenings on the lookout for danger. Every stranger in the village looks suspicious and evokes fear. TO/jd.