Wars of the 20th Century

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Poland was a major battlefield in both World Wars. A complete list of Mierzejewski soldiers and civilians who perished in battle, as refugees, POWs, or exiles, will never be possible. For example, in July of 1915 the Russian Army retreated eastward burning/destroying everything in its path so the Germans wouldn't be able to make use of it. On 19 July Ostrołęka was evacuated and the bridge over the Narew river was blown up. During the evening of 23/24 July the Różan/Narew bridge was destroyed. Area inhabitants also went or were forced eastward. The extent to which the inhabitants of the Mierzejewo villages fled and suffered is hard to obtain. With no bridges over the Narew, east-west traffic west of the Mierzejewo villages ceased....In WWII 19% of the Polish population was killed, the highest percentage of all countries.

World War I

Joseph Antoni Baker-Mierzejewski of Syracuse, NY, son of Franciszek M. and Anna Milewska, was KIA in France on 15 July 1918.....Michal Mierzejewski of Pittsfield, MA, born in Kunin to Tomasz and Maria M., was KIA in France in 12 April 1918.....Tomasz Mierzejewski of Ostrołęka (1858-1914) was killed by a Russian soldier 18 July 1914. He was shot under water, or as a result of being under water (the information is not clear), probably in the Narew River.

Haller’s Army of WWI

The following Mierzejewskis served in Haller's Army:

Felicya Miżejewska of Long Island, NY and/or Trenton, NJ.

Bolesław Mierzejewski (1895-?) of Janki and New Haven, CT.....Czesław Mierzejewski of Springfield, MA.....Czesław Mizejewski (1897-?) of Dobki Stare and Reading, PA.....Czesław Mierzejewski (1895-1981) of Komorowo and Springfield, MA.....Eustachy Mierzejewski (1884-1974) of Duchny Stare and St. Louis, MO.....Ignacy [Feliks?] Mierzejewski (1892-1964) of Zapieczne and Worcester, MA.....Jan Mierzejewski of Syracuse, NY.....Jan Miezejewski of Bridgeport, CT.....Jan Mierzejewski of Cleveland, OH.

Jan Mierzejewski (1894-1955) of  Ławsk and Wyandotte, MI.....Jan Mirzejewski of Cleveland, OH.....Jan Benedykt Mierzejewski (1895-?) of Mierzejewo Nogawki and New Haven, CT....Marcel Miezejewski (1886-?) of Troszyn(?) and Newark, NJ.....Michał Mierzejewski of Leznica and So. Chicago, IL.....Rajmund Mierzejewski (1872-1950) of Wielgouchy, Jarnuty, and Meriden, CT.....Szymon Mierzejewski (1896-?) of Kaczyny Stara Wieś and Union City, CT.....Tomasz Mierzejewski (1896-1970) of Janko Młodzianowo and Bajonne, NJ.....Wacław Mierzejewski (1894-1974) of Głażewo Wity and New Britain, CT.....Wincenty Mierzejewski (1892-?) of Miastkowo and Glen Cove, LI, NY,

For the list of 21 Mierzejewskis in Haller's Army of WWI, visit Polish Genealogical Society of America's website, www.pgsa.org/haller.htm. Be sure to type in the various spellings of the name (Miez., Mirz., Miz., etc.)

Soviet-Polish War

World War II ....missing some Auschwitz

During the attack on Westerplatte, one of the first actions of the War, an Antoni Mierzejewski was believed to have been KIA or killed at the POW camp there.....Antoni Mierzejewski, b.1 Jan.1912, was brought to Konzentrations Lager Auschwitz in the transport from Katowice on 25 June 1940. His camp identity number-1168. He died in KL Auschwitz on 14 June 1942.....Boleslaw Mierzejewski of Janki Stare, son of Antoni M. and Marianna Dabkowska, is believed to have perished in KL Auschwitz about 1941.

Private Bronislaw Mierzejewski of the Polish Army, b.1924 in Szczepanek to father Piotr, died of wounds 22 Feb.1945 in Nowe Laski..... Harry Mierzejewski of Pittsfield, Mass., b.1922 to parents Franciszek M. and Antonia Grucelska, a Sergeant of the U.S. Marines, was KIA in Guam, 26 July 1944.....Jan Mierzejewski, born 19 Sep. 1919, a soldier of the Polish Army, was KIA at Monte Cassino, Italy, on 4 May 1944. He and his family are from Miastkowo.....Joseph John Mierzejewski, b.1922 in Worcester, Mass. to Franciszek M. and Josephine Serwecka, a Seaman 2nd Class of the US Navy, was KIA 11 Sep. 1943 in Salerno, Italy.

Private Jozef Mierzejewski of the Polish Army, b.1904 in Odessa, USSR, to father Grzegorz, died of wounds 20 Apr.1945 in Sandschanke, Germany.....Karol Mierzejewski, born in Tomasze to Franciszek M. and Marianna Goclowska, was at age 15 a partyzant (guerrilla fighter) against the Germans. He was last heard from in 1940. His fate is unknown.....Konstanty Mierzejewski, born 1888 in Warsaw, #105715 in KL Dachau, died 11 June 1944.....Raymond Paul Mierzejewski of the US Navy, born 1922 in Chicopee, MA, to Dominick M. and Marianna Pieczynska, was lost at sea and presumed dead Oct. 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Philippines.

Roman Mierzejewski, b.1923 in New Bedford, Mass. to Jozef M. and Anna Nelec, a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Air Corps, was killed when his plane was shot down 28 June 1943 in Sardinia, Italy.....Rozalia Mierzejewska, b.4 Sep.1899, was brought to KL Auschwitz on 16 Aug. 1943. her camp identity number-54865. Was moved to KL Ravensbruck on 24 July 1944.....Stefan Mierzejewski of Ostroleka, b.1918, died in a prison camp on 11 Nov. 1944.

Tadeusz Mierzejewski, born 28 Jan.1891 to Jan and Elzbieta M., a Major in the Polish Army, as a civilian Head of the Human Resources Dept. of Poland's National Woods, was executed by the Soviets at Starobielsk, Katyn, in the spring of 1940.....Wiktor Mierzejewski, born 1885 in Grabie Polskie, #8745 in KL Dachau, died 17 March 1941.....Wiktor Mierzejewski, b.16 Oct. 1913, was brought to KL Auschwitz in the transport from Katowice on 6 July 1940. His camp number-1303. Died in KL Auschwitz on 14 June 1942.

Corporal Wincenty Mierzejewski of the Polish Army, b.1925 in Debowica, region of Baranowicz, USSR, to father Wladyslaw, was KIA 15 Apr.1945 in Rothenburg, Germany.....Witold Mierzejewski, b.1923 to Benedykt M. and Zofia Choromanska, is believed to have perished at KL Auschwitz-Birkenau.....Witold Mierzejewski of Jarnuty, b.1925 to Leon M. and Leokadia Laskowska, perished at KL Auschwitz-Birkenau 31 Jan.1944.

Zbigniew Mierzejewski, b.1 Jan. 1922, was brought to KL Auschwitz on 17 Sep. 1944 in the transport of civilians arrested after the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. His camp identity number-198410. His later fate-unknown.....Zygmunt Mierzejewski, born 9 July 1927, was brought to KL Auschwitz on 17 Sep. 1944 in the transport of civilians arrested after the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. His camp identity number- 196847. Was moved from AK Auschwitz to KL Mauthausen on 22 Sep. 1944. His KL Mauthausen identity number-105704. Was kept in the KL Mauthausen until the liberation of the camp 5 May 1945.

Lipniak Majorat
On about the 27th of August, 1944, near Lipniak Majorat, gm. Długosiodło, a high ranking German officer was killed by Polish AK (Home Army) partyzants. In retaliation, on 2 September 1944, in Lipniak Majorat, the Germans rounded up and murdered 400 Polish civilians.

Among them were 14 members of a Mierzejewski family. They were: Rozalia Deluga Mierzejewska, 80, (wife or widow of Walenty M.), and two of her children, Antoni M., 41, and Mrs. Zdunek. Antoni’s family who were killed were his wife Zofia Bulatowicz, 37, and their three children Krystyna, 14, Jan, 10, and Anastazja, 5. Mrs. Zdunek’s husband, their two daughters, and a son also were killed. Rozalia’s grandaughter Eugenia Mierzejewska Rys, 30, (the widow of Mr. Rys) was killed along with her children Stanislaw Rys, 6, and Joanna Rys, 3.

Their funeral was eleven days later in Długosiodło. Until recently an old sign in the cemetery paid homage to the family: "Here rests the Mierzejewski family murdered by Germans in 1944". There is a large monument to the murders in the nearby woods. On 3 September the Soviets reached Lipniak Majorat and forced the Germans westward.


Korean War

Joseph Mierzejewski, b.1930 in Lackawanna, PA, was killed in action on 16 Apr.1953 in the Korean War.