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      A Mierzejewski is a person from Mierzejewo

Mierzejewski is a Polish surname.

For most of history people didn't have surnames. During the Middle Ages surnames became more common and some land owners based their surname on the village or area they owned.

The -ski ending of Mierzejewski means of or from, meaning a Mierzejewski is a person from Mierzejewo.

-ewo and -owo endings in Polish are similiar to English -ville or -town.

Today there are two Mierzejewo villages in Polska, but the majority of Mierzejewskis originate from the Mierzejewo area near Ostołęka. Unfortunately, the many villages in this area no longer use the Mierzejewo- prefix.

Mirzej + ewo + ski?                                                        The exact origin of the word Mierzejewo is not known. Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Rymut, Director (retired) of the Institute of the Polish Language in Kraków, thinks it originates from the name "Mirzej", which is a shortened version of Kazimierz, Mirogniew, or Mirosław.

Mierzejewo may also be derived from mierzeja, Mirek, mirza, or murza.

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